Monday, March 29, 2010

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I just have to say how much OPC-3 and our Isotonix Vitamin C have helped my husband's allergies. He used to have them year round - but particularly bad in the spring and late summer - to the point of misery. Sniffling, sneezing, puffy eyes, all of it - especially in the morning. He started on OPC-3 (3 caps/day) about 13 months ago and noticed an immediate improvement. Soon after, we also started him on the Vitamin C (one cap), and that's when his allergies disappeared completely.

The OPC-3 alone helps tremendously, but adding the Vitamin C really does the job. I'm writing this now because he was without his Vitamin C for a couple of days last weekend and he started that sniffling again. Sometimes even those of us who love Market America the most forget to appreciate how much the products improve our lives until we're without them! Hope this can help someone!

Stacey Flynn
Greensboro, PA


My personal experience!

I am a 35 yr old Female. I too had such chronic sinus problems I was on everything the Dr.s and I could think of to get rid of the pain and pressure. I looked into allergies -- cat scans-- sinus surgery. None of those options were the source of my problem. As a last resort I tried OPC-3. (I of course knew it wouldn't help), but due to a good friend telling me about it I thank God every day I was open minded enough to try it. I started the OPC-3 while still on all of my medicine, but now 3 months later still no more headaches and no more pills, nasal sprays, pain pills, or the excedrin I lived on. Thank GOD for giving me the OPC3.

Cheryl Anderson


I have year-round allergies. I've never been medically tested to see exactly what I am allergic to. I know for sure that I don't take very kindly to dust, mold or mildew, and whatever common pollens or organic matter that are flying around. I used to take Claritin every day of the year.

I've been on OPC-3 for over 6 months, and it has been just wonderful! I can tell when I wake up in the morning whether it'll be a good or bad day for my allergies. I take one cap each of OPC-3, Multi-tech, and Antioxidant every day, but on bad days I either take a double or triple dose of OPC-3. I know it works for ME, because sometimes I take only one OPC-3 in the morning, and if I'm still sniffling before I eat breakfast, I'll take a second (or third) cap, and within a half-hour I feel fine. It works for me. It's great taking a superior product for overall great health and have the nice benefit of allergy control! And no more prescriptions full of chemicals to waste my money on!!!!! Maybe consider a double or triple dose of OPC-3.

Rick Mals
Strabane, PA


Both my wife & 10 year old daughter suffer serious allergy problems, or I should say did suffer from. Literally every 6 weeks my daughter would get an infection in her throat followed by a serious fever(102-104) this would last for a week accompanied by a regimen of anti-biotics. She had suffered from this most of her life & my wife took Clariton every day for many years for her allergies. For the last 10 months they have each taken 1 capful of OPC-3 a day with a half cap of the Vitamin C. My daughter has not been sick 1 time in the last 10 months ( we were a few weeks from having her tonsils removed when we noticed the improvement & cancelled the surgery). & my wife has maybe taken 4 - 1/2 doses of Clariton in the last 10 months. I am starting to make some $$ with my Unfranchise but even if I did not make a dime I would never stop because of what these products have done for my family.

Tom Sweeney
Chester County, PA.


I can tell you my own personal story. I have been allergic to "everything" since I was born - certain foods (seafood, too much citrus, chocolate, etc.) would cause me to stop breathing - I was in intensive care many times over the years, and finally started taking allergy shots for years to help make my life bearable.

I finally started an organic farm and grow my own food to help with my allergies to chemicals and pesticides. That helped...the final part of the equation was the Isotonix line - I used OPC3 - 2-3 caps each day for 3-4 months and slowly my allergies have been controlled. I can now function like a normal human without the constant companions (kleenex, OTC allergy medication, prescriptions, inhalers, and a medical alert bracelet) that were a daily part of my life for 40 years! I love the Isotonix line - and would not be without my daily "tonic". I don't use any medications, have no problems with seasonal allergies, and can eat most food (I still avoid seafood - does a bad number on my breathing). But overall, I'm 98% better! I tell everyone I know about the OPC3 - organic food - and Market America! Cindy Hubbard UFO

Enumclaw, Wa.
Elk Meadows Organic Farm


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