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Question to YOU?!

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So far I have given you Info on the OPC-3 and testimonials from just a handful of people that have been taking OPC-3.....Well with the info given you,

1.) Do you have Questions?
2.) Are YOU ready to start taking OPC-3?

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Testimonials Part 2


About 8 or 9 years ago I contracted environmental/chemical asthma (sick building syndrome does exist and it's cheaper for corporations to pay off victims than to fix the problem). I was diagnosed with a 45% permanent disability in each lung.

Until this happened I was pretty healthy. I sang for almost 20 years with a well-respected choral group and was a volunteer cuddler in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Connecticut Health Center. I only bring these up because I had to give them both up. In both cases, the air quality in the buildings was poorer than my lungs could handle. Yes, my lungs were in worse shape than preemies on oxygen. I took theodur twice a day - a lovely drug. My blood levels had to be tested fairly regularly because there's such a thin line between toxic and therapeutic dosages.

I owned four different inhalers. One went everywhere with me, because breathing isn't Optional. One was to be used regularly as a preventative and the other two were pretty much for recovery when (not if) I had an attack. One of these lovely inhalers worked beautifully (usually), but gave me thrush in my throat. Horses and AIDS patients also get thrush. When all else failed, I had to take a 10 day course of prednisone, an oral cortisone.

When I knew I would be taking the prednisone, I would offer a blanket apology in advance to anyone within firing range. That was just for the emotional effects, you don't want to know about the physical ones. My attacks could and were set off by: paint, perfume, smoke, scented candles and incense, cleaning products, excessive garlic and any other strong, or sometimes faint, odor. The easy ones lasted about a day or two, the bad ones took weeks, four inhalers and the prednisone. If I walked into a room that had been painted within the past month, I had to leave in less than 15 minutes or suffer a "bad" attack. My attacks are characterized by a deep, barking cough - mating season at Seaworld.

On the up side, all the coughing caused nodules on my vocal chords and now I sound like Brenda Vaccaro, Lauren Bacall or Wallace Beery, depending on the day. I couldn't go back to singing now, no matter what.

Bottom line - I started taking the OPC-3 a year ago. I've thrown out the inhalers, haven't taken any theodur for 11 months and 6 months ago spent 5 hours watching television in a room that was between coats in the process of being painted, with just the teensiest tightness in my chest that was gone by morning.

Take away my OPC-3 and your death will be soon, slow and painful.

Donna Philipp, Vernon, CT

I have been taking OPC-3 for several months and found my overall health improving greatly! However, in July, my asthma seemed to find a life of its own (I am surrounded by farmland, where crop dusting, burning, pesticide and herbicide use are commonplace). I was on Proventil, Intal and Azmacort inhalers, a dose of Singulair at night, and used both Vancenase and Nasalcrom. I still suffered with poor breathing capability, chest tightness (sometimes I would even say chest PAIN). Within 18 hours of drinking Ultimate Aloe (about 4 ounces spread throughout the day), I have been able to give up all six of these medications. Even though I, too, would kill if someone took my OPC-3 away, I would now also do the same for my Ultimate Aloe! Those of you with allergies should try it if you aren't using it regularly now. I hope this helps another as it has me!

Theresa Hurt

Boise, Idaho

OPC-3 and my fourteen year old daughter who had asthma and severe allergies since the age of 3 are the reasons I became a Market America distributor!!!!!

My mom in Conn. sent this strange bottle of "stuff" to her granddaughter living in MD., because she had heard many testimonies about positive results concerning asthma and OPC-3. The bottle sat on our counter for about 2 weeks, and my daughter didn't seem the least bit interested in drinking this thing that grandma sent.

I felt a little guilty that my mom had paid for this so I started to take the OPC-3.After one week the migraines that I suffered from since the age of sixteen were gone (I WASN'T READY TO ADMIT, IT WAS THE OPC) After two weeks and no migraines, I was ready to find out what was going on here. After three weeks I wanted to know about Market America........Now after I had attended meetings, and heard powerful testimonies myself regarding asthma and OPC,I made my daughter take this

This little girl had missed twenty-seven days of school last year, she always ended up with serious sinus infections (every year,) and has been rushed to the hospital by the school nurse in the past. She is a competitive gymnast, and this year during her state competition she was able to compete to her full potential, because she wasn't suffering from symptoms from allergies and wasn't having asthma attacks...

She won the Maryland state vault title in her age group as a level eight gymnast and placed third all around! She is doing great, even during one of the worst pollen seasons on record, she doesn't even have red itchy eyes and NO asthma attacks.

Does our family believe in OPC.................without hesitation YES!!!!!!!!!



John Farley [Market America "Unfranchise" Owner] Wrote:

I have a customer with a son that has ADD and wants to take OPC-3. I need to know if anyone has any customers like this or advise OPC ... He is 13 years old weighs 75 pounds and is currently on Ridilan and has side effects like can't sleep, won't eat. ...


John, this is my exact scenario that made me a MA distributor. My son was diagnosed with ADD in 6th grade. He was put on ritalin and had been on for almost a year. He too, started having the ritalin side effects after about 8 mos on medications, including mood swings when the medications wore off. A friend told me about OPC-3. I started him on them but didn't notice a difference until about 2 1/2 to 3 months in. then I dropped his morning dose of ritalin no one at school noticed a difference without his medications. We noticed a difference in mood. when school ended last year, I stopped all medications, & replaced them with: 2 caps of OPC-3 & 1 cap B-12

After a recent seminar by a Dr., I've added 1 cap of Calcium daily (mainly for the magnesium) and Vitamin C too. He is now 13 and is completely off Ritalin. He still complains about drinking his Isotonix, but he does it out of force of habit. I make sure of it! Kids will fight anything new. Don't let you customer give up because her son doesn't like the taste. I did start out mixing his Isotonix with 1/2 water & 1/2 apple juice.

Some concerns to share with your customer: Schools almost make it fun to be on medications at schools- my son got to leave class early to go to the office to get his ritalin before lunch. Some kids, including my son, thought that was "cool". I did not want my son entering high school on any medication. It just opens the door to the ease of taking other "drugs"- I know that sounds a bit crazy, but ADD & ADHD kids are much more impulsive/compulsive and therefore more susceptible to addictions (a documented fact). There are still concerns about long term effects of ritalin type drugs. I saw side effects within 6-8 months.

Good Luck –Ginnie Esary, Corvallis, OR

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What OPC-3 can do for you!

The worlds most powerful antioxidant.
20 times more powerful than Vitamin C 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E

This is a list of things OPC-3 may help you with?!

Primary Benefits of Isotonix OPC-3®*:

* Combats free radicals
* Demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity
* Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
* Helps maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins
* Helps maintain joint flexibility
* Helps promote cardiovascular health
* Helps reduce mild menstrual cramping and abdominal pain
* Helps support visual health/visual acuity
* Potent free radical scavenger
* Promotes healthy blood vessel dilation
* Promotes healthy nitric oxide levels
* Supports a healthy complexion
* Supports healthy blood glucose levels
* Supports healthy platelet activity
* Supports healthy sperm quality


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More Testaments


Dear Market America

For over 15 years, due to the nature of my work, I have been exposed to chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc. While in a Halifax hospital for surgery, it was discovered that I had an abnormally high enzyme count in my liver. As I do not consume alcohol, this condition could possibly be due to long-term exposure to pollutants in the workplace.

I was required to have my enzyme count checked every three months -- it remained abnormally high, but nothing was done to correct the problem, which persisted for two years.

On August 25, 1995, I started taking OPC-3. In mid-October when I had my scheduled blood tests, the enzyme count in my liver had lowered considerably. Tests in April of 1996 showed that the enzyme count was now normal, and has remained normal since that time. My working conditions haven’t changed appreciably, so I attribute this improvement in my health to OPC-3.

In addition to this health benefit, I had also suffered from arthritic symptoms for a number of years, and had taken various anti-inflammatories, which were ineffective or upset my digestive system. Since taking OPC-3, I have been pain free. At one point I stopped taking this product and within a few days my arthritic symptoms returned. As soon as I started taking OPC-3 again, those symptoms were gone. Needless to say, I continue to take OPC-3 faithfully, and will probably continue to do so forever.

Craig R.

Oxford Junction

Nova Scotia

arthritis - DEGENERATe

Yes I was diagnosis with Degenerate Arthritis in my neck about two 1/2 years ago. Before that I fought a stiff neck that was very painful for about 5 years. I would wake up in the morning and would not be able to turn my head. The pain from my neck has also spread down both of my arms. My hands would go numb at night. I have serve pain in both shoulders where I cannot sleep on my side. I also experience pain in my right elbow and right wrist (I was tested for carpal tunnel and that was negative). I went to a therapist and did over head traction, I saw several different doctors. If finally took a neurologist to diagnosis my neck, he prescibe medicine with a unlimited amount of refills. During these 5 - 6 years I was taking all different kinds of pain medicine. Methocarbamol, Cephalexin 500mg, Naproxen 500mg, Lodine XL 400mg. Also, taking Advil any where from 6 - 8 sometimes 10 a day. Your body builds a tolerance to medicine. Then it just doesn't work. I am currently 40 years old.

Two years ago my best friend of more than 20 years introduced me to OPC3. It took more than 3 months before I felt any difference. I have been on OPC3 for two years now taking any where from 2,4, 6 doses a day depending on my pain. I do not take any of the other prescribe medicine. The prescribe medicine and the Advil has also giving me stomach troubles which I am healing with the Aloe now. When my doctor diagnosis me with degenerate arthritis he also told me that I had to live with this condition and that one day I would need surgery. He told me to wait as long as possible for the surgery, sometime in my 60's. I just couldn't seeing living 20 years in this kind of pain. I was also depressed and 30 lbs over weight. I have lost 20 lbs with the Thermo Chrome and I am more energetic. I still have some pain but it is nothing like before. I also take Vit. C, B-12, Calcium, and mineral blast.

I know I will never be completely pain free but I do feel a lot better. I am also a distributor for Market America and have been able to help several other people with various conditions.

Danielle Weaver
ATG 11599


Dear Market America

My daughter is a distributor for Market America products. She convinced me to try both the OPC-3 and Ultimate Aloe, and I’m glad she did.

I had been experiencing arthritic symptoms, as well as a painful bone spur on my heel. OPC-3 relieved my arthritis very quickly, and after 3-4 months, I realized that my heel was no longer painful. In addition, I generally feel better.

I have great faith in the Aloe as well. I belong to a large singing group and find I have more energy and stamina than many of the younger members, even after standing on risers all day at an intensive workshop.

All fall and winter many members were absent from rehearsals due to colds and the flu, while I have not missed a practice due to my health.

My 10-year-old granddaughter found it very helpful for sore throats, etc.

I would gladly recommend either of these products to anyone wanting to improve their general state of health.

Kay D.
Oxford, N.S.

Dear Market America,

I’m writing to tell you how important OPC-3 is to my health. I was introduced to OPC-3 two years ago by a co-worker, a Market America distributor. At the time, I was suffering from severe arthritic pain as well as pain caused from degenerated discs.

In 1986, a nerve block on the lower back gave me some relief from pain caused by the degenerated discs. As the effects of the nerve block gradually wore off, the pain became more severe. In addition, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. For 10 years I tried dozens of anti-inflammatory drugs, which were either ineffective or caused me to suffer from their unpleasant side effects. The more I learned about these drugs and what they could do to your body, the more reluctant I was to take them. I finally reached the point where I refused to take them at all, preferring to live with the pain rather than the side effects. Tylenol 3 was the only medication that I continued to take. From previous experience, I knew how addictive it could be and how it’s effectiveness lessened the more you took and the longer you took it, so I restricted myself to just two Tylenol 3 after supper to give me a couple of hours of relief.

I started taking a double dose of OPC-3 in the morning. Within a week I was amazed that my pain had lessened. After three weeks I was "Tylenol 3 Free", and feeling better than I had in ten years. Being somewhat skeptical, I stopped taking the OPC-3, and after only a few days my pain returned. Naturally, I started taking it again. As the weeks went by, I noticed I was thinking clearer, anxiety attacks had disappeared, and I had greater mobility.

I’ve been taking OPC-3 for two years, and for all intents and purposes I am pain free, and for me, that’s remarkable! Because OPC-3 was so effective for me, I became a Market America distributor.

OPC-3 has given my mother greater mobility and pain relief from her fibromyalgia; customers suffering from arthritis are getting relief; others find they have more energy; people working night shift now find it easier to adjust.

My customers thank me for introducing them to OPC-3. I thank Market America for bringing this product to market.

Charles Weeks

Oxford, N. S.

In response to Henrietta...

My sister just emailed me and is suffering from a flareup of her rheumatoid arthritis. She takes one cap of OPC-3 a day plus some Mannatech product...

I attended a health & wellness seminar (by a Dr.)a few months ago, here are some exerpts from my notes: Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune destructive disorder. the immune system attacks the neurological system & joints.

Our Ultimate Aloe is wonderful for Rheumatoid Arthritis, because it is a auto- immune system balancer. start out with 1 capful each day then increase after about a week to 1capful 2x a day. Also Calcium Plus- for Calcuim & Magnesium, OPC-3, B-12 especially for the folic acid, & oxygen Plus. this person could also be helped by supplementing with zinc & B6. Also drink plenty of water!!!

The Dr. suggested that ALOE be included for everyone! He said Our aloe is one of the best on the market and is probably the most undersold product.

I started my husband on Aloe a few weeks ago. He noticed an immediate difference in his digestive system. No more heartburn ( formerly a constant problem) and no more bouts of Gassiness. A blessing to the whole family! Loving that Aloe-- Ginnie E Corvallis OR